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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

Leadership Chapter 5 Situational Approach - Focuses on leadership in situations - Different situations demand different kinds of leadership - To be an effective leader requires a person adapt style to demands of diff. situations - Stressed leadership is composed of both a directive and supportive dimension, and each has to be applied appropriately in a given situation - Suggests leaders should change degree to which they’re directive or supportive to meet the changing needs of subordinates - Separate the SLII model into 2 parts- leadership style and development level of subordinates Leadership style - Behavior pattern of a person who attempts to influence others - Includes both directive and supportive behaviors - Directive behaviors clarify with often 1-way communication what’s to be done, how, and who is responsible for doing it - Supportive behaviors help group members feel comfortable about themselves, coworkers, situation, etc. - Can be classified into 4 distinct categories of directive and supportive behaviors - S1- high directive- low support style (directing style) - S2- coaching approach, high directive-high supportive style - S3- supporting approach requires leader to take high supportive-low directive style - S4- low supportive- low directive style (delegating approach) Development Levels - The degree to which subordinates have the competence and commitment necessary to accomplish a given task or activity - Indicates whether a person has developed a positive attitude regarding the task - High development level if employees are interested
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