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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Tom Medcof

Chapter 10 Orientation and TrainingEmployee assimilation effortsOrientation long term continuous socialization process in which employee and employer expectations or obligations are consideredoFocus on organizationspecific topics orientation attempts to transfer learning into behaviorTraining shortterm discrete efforts in which organizations impart information and instructions in an effort to help the recipient gain the required skills or knowledge to perform the job at adequate levelsOrienting EmployeesPurpose of Orientation ProgramsoProvides new employees w basic background info that they need to perform their jobs satisfactorilyoCan be an investment in the retention of talentoOrientation is one part of the socialization process ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behaviour that are excepted by that organizationDuring socialization new employee isnt fully productive so quick socialization can get them up to speed as quickly as possibleoClarify the organizations expectations of an employee and allows them to perform better also lessens reality shock or cognitive dissonance discrepancy between what the new employee expected from their new job and the realityoSome organizations commence orientation activity before the first day of employmentoOnline onboarding systems can be provided to new employees as soon as they accept the job offer Content of Orientation ProgramsoInternal publications including employee handbooks that cover matters such as company history current mission activities products and pploFacility tour and staff introsoJobrelated documents including and explination of job procedures duties and responsibilities working hours and attendance expectations vacations and holidays payroll employee benefits and pensions and work regulations and policies such as personal use of company technologyoExcepted training to be received when and whyoPerformance appraisal criteria including the estimated time to achieve full productivitySpecial Orientation SituationsoDiverse workforce orienting new employees from different background into a nondiverse workforce employer needs to know which rxns are violations of human rights legislation and how to report theseoMergers and acquisitions employees need details of the merger or acquisition also need to be made aware of ongoing issues new company culture and resocialization for everyone time to emphasize new organizational values and beliefs reinforcing corporate cultureoUnion vs nonunion employees employees in unionized positions need to be provided w copy of collective bargaining agreement and introduced to union steward and executive membersoMultilocation organizations employees made aware of other locations and what business functions re performed at each locationProblems with Orientation ProgramsoToo much info provided in a short amt of time and new employee is overwhelmedOr no orientation is providedoInfo provided could be too broad to be meaningfulOr too detailed to realistically be rememberedEvaluation of Orientation ProgramsoEmployee reaction interview or survey new employees on the effectiveness of the orientation program evaluate job performance win specified times to asses transference of learning and behaviours
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