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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Tom Medcof

HROB2100 Textbook NotesChapter 1 The Changing Legal Emphasis The Legal Framework for Employment law in CanadaSupervisors and managers as agents of the organization must abide by legislated rules and regulationsRisk of expensive lawsuits requires awareness of employment lawoImpact employer branding or reputationDistinct set of responsibilities that exist between employee and employeroFormal and informaloInformal expectations are hard to maintain and correct if one party feels there was a violationoTherefore influence and impact of formal expectations plays a large role ie Legislation and the interpretation of itPrimary objective of most employment legislation prevent employers from exploiting paid workers assuming that an implicit power imbalance exists in the employment relationship in favour of the employeroGovs role is to balance employee and employer needsoJudicial system provides a forum for interpreting legislationCanadian employment legislation largely model off US National Labour Relations Act with 3 significant differencesoCanadian population more inclined to accept and expect govmandated regulations about organizational activitiesoEmployers permitted to terminate employment wo a reason provided they ensure reasonable notice in return the employee is permitted to quit strike or otherwise cease employment wo penaltyvs Americans view of employment at willoUS largely centralized but in Canada there are 14 jurisdictions ie all provinces and territories and then Canada as a wholePrimary responsibility for employment related law resides w the provinces and territories
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