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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3070
Sean Lyons

Chapter 9External Selection Testing Substantive Assessment Methods are used to make more precise decisions about the applicantsto separate finalists from candidates they are used after the initial screening methods that concern the match between a job candidates KSAOs and the requirements of the position These methods are developed using a selection plan This is in contrast to initial assessment methods which make rough cuts and weed out the obvious unqualified applicantsAs with initial assessment the criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of substantive methods are frequency of use cost reliability validity utility and applicant reactions In general substantive methods show more reliability and validity over initial due to the stronger relationship between the sampling of the applicants previous situations with the requirements for success on the job The predictors that are used to select candidates from the pool includePersonality Tests measurements providing information about behavioral tendencies that are relevant to the requirements of a job or fit within an organizationo The Big Five are used to describe behavioral traits including they are a reduced set of many more specific traits Emotional stability extraversion openness to experience agreeableness and conscientiousnessAs job performance is a broad concept with specific behaviors it is best predicted by broad dispositions like the big five o Measures of personality can be surveys projective techniques or interviews surveys and the big 5 are the more reliable and valid measureso Conscientiousness is a predictive of performance as it is associated with a range of attitudes and behaviors that are important to job successgoal setting integrity and dependability persistence and ambition proficiency and efficiencyo It is important to match traits in terms of level and generality to the criteria that are being predicted o Emotional stability needs to be assessed broadly and needs to include an assessment of ones beliefs in their worthiness capabilities and competency to be useful such as core selfevaluations scaleso Limitations of personality tests if applicants distort their responses faking their answers they are not a means as a stand alone hiring tool and they are not always valid and wont work in every case the tests must also be evaluated from the applicants perspective Ability Tests assess ones capacity to function in a certain way the 2 types are often hard to separate so it is not clear that this is a productive practical and distinction for ability tests used in selection Organizations assume the tests are a determinate of employee performance
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