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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3090
Tom Medcof

Developing Talent140721 922 PM The Training and Development ProcessPerformance Management the process of establishing performance goals and designing interventions and programs to develop employees and improve their performance Training formal and planned efforts to help employees acquire knowledge skills and abilities to improve performance in their current jobShort term focus on acquiring skills to perform ones jobDevelopment formal and planned efforts to help employees acquire he knowledge skills and abilities required to perform future job responsibilities and for the longterm achievement of individual career goals and organizational objectives Human Resource Development systematic and planned activities that are designed by an organization to provide employees with opportunities to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demands BenefitsOrganizations o Competitive advantage o Facilitate organizations strategy o Increase effectiveness o Improve recruitment and retentionIncrease attractiveness to prospect employeesEmployees o Intrinsico ExtrinsicHigher earningsSociety o Skilled population o Economy and standard of livingTraining as an expense is cut when times are tough training as an investment employers expect direct benefits and a return on their investmentInfluenced byEnvironmental factors o Legislation economic climate demographics social values o Technology labour market change o Global competitors require cross cultural training for employees o Strategic human resource managementalignment between HR practices and organizations business strategyo Structurebecome flatter and now required to perform more tasks o Culturedetermines the norms and behaviours communicated through training otenInstructional Systems Design ModelA rational and scientific model of the training and development process that consists of a needs analysis training design and delivery and training evaluation o StepsNeeds analysisDesign and deliveryEvaluationClosedloop systemevaluation feeds back into needs analysis and training design and delivery
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