MCS 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Online Advertising

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Chapter 18 marketing: promoting services & educating customers. Communication is more than just advertising, public relations, and professional salespeople. Define marketing communication element of the 7p"sas promotion & education. Marketers explain & promote the value proposition company is offering through communication. Position & differentiate the service: communication efforts serve to attract new users and also maintain contact w/ existing customers & build relationships. Help customers to evaluate service offerings & highlight differences that matter: companies may use concrete clues to communicate service performance. Promote the contribution of service personnel & backstage operations: In high-contact services, front line source are main source of delivery. Advertising, brochures, and websites can show what goes on backstage to ensure good service delivery. Starbucks website shows how beans are cultivated, harvested, and produced on their website. Add value through communication content: info & consultation are important ways to add value to a product.