Chapter 9 Marketing Information Management Notes

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Chapter 9 Marketing Information Management
9.1 Surveillance
- For many people privacy is linked to security
- If we have too much privacy, cant tell good guys from bad
- If we have too much security, grants too much power to the state & our privacy disappears
- You cant have privacy without security & vice versa
- Surveillance activities have a motive (purpose), they occur during the normal course of life (routine) they are
planned (systematic) and detail-oriented (focused)
- with each act of surveillance there is a chance we will become desensitized to the privacy implications.
We need to guard against authoritarian, Big Brother approaches to surveillance and we should
be equally concerned with the Little brothers we encounter daily
9.2 The Hacker Ethic
- Internet security is a big concern in the information age
- When the designers of the internet chose a decentralized design to make the network more efficient and ease the
burden of info sharing, this also meant that if the network crashed, messages could still reach their destinations
Since no one was there to oversee the design, there are security loopholes and risks
- As info structure evolved, so did motives behind hackers (went from using skills to learn more fulfilling
selfish interests w/ their skills)
- Some used skills for pranks; others used it for illegal activities and to benefit financially
Hacks fall into 2 categories:
White Hats: the good guys. When it comes to computers they are experts who test info systems to ensure that
they’re secure. They help companies identify system vulnerabilities before hackers with more malicious
intentions find them
Black Hats: attack info system with the intent of committing a crime. They do everything from unauthorized
system intrusions to outright data theft and spam proliferation to virus creation
Grey Hats: Do ethical & unethical hacking jobs
The “Hacker Ethic”
- Says tools and technology should be unlimited. Since hackers learn by taking things apart and reverse
engineering them, then computer systems and networks should be open to such manipulation.
- Claims that info wants to be free (from restrictions, control and cost)
- Believes there should be no barriers between the hacker and the info or technology needed to do the job,
therefore the hacker ethic promotes and open system
- Inherit anonymity of hacking made it possible for hackers to be evaluated strictly by their abilities
- Hackers appreciated the beauty of the underlying code
- Hackers thought that the computer and associated technologies could change society for the better
- The hacker ethic is an individualistic, libertarian and very hacker-centric perspective
9.3 Computer Crime
Hacker ethic isn’t like a corporate code of conduct because…
Hacker ethic was an unspoken code & it was understood but not explicitly expressed or agreed with
Codes of conduct are communal, but most hackers are individualistic
Ethics are often tied to professional standards, but hacking is defined by its anti-establishment stance
- Adopting an individualistic ethic means that there is potential for increased liberty and for increased anarchy
within the broader online community.
Problem = b/c the hacker ethic is constantly shifting, each hacker is free to decide what is right/wrong
- Since technology holds incredible power over modern society, this means there are greater reasons for hackers
to ply their trade and subvert or corrupt the system
Some hacking behaviour that satisfies personal interests at expense of public:
Data Digging: Hackers use remote computers to break into info system and then are able to copy, steal or
manipulate the data
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