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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Research Methods

Marketing and Consumer Studies
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Tanya Mark

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Chapter 12 Research Methods
Pg. 235-237
- The simplest experimental design, two-group posttest-only randomized experiment, is usually analyzed
with the simple t-test
- The factorial experimental designs usually analyzed w/ ANOVA model
- Randomized block designs use special form of the ANOVA blocking model that uses dummy-coded
variables to represent the blocks
12-3A The 2-group posttest-only Randomized Experiment
Analysis need to meet following requirements…
Has 2 groups
Uses post-only measure
Has 2 distributions (measures),e ach w/ an average and variation
Assesses treatment effect as the statistical (no chance) difference between the groups
3 options to estimate treatment effect:
1. Compute an independent t-test
2. Compute 1-way ANOVA between 2 independent groups
3. Use regression analysis to regress the posttest values into a dummy-coded treatment variable
12-3B Factorial Design Analysis”
See page 236
12-3C Randomized Block Analysis