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Chapter 9

MCS 3620 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Marketing Buzz, Tim Hortons, Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing and Consumer Studies
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MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

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Chapter 9 Marketing Communications
Public Relations
Defining Public Relations
Public Relations: A form of communications designed to gain public understanding and acceptance
Public Relations use publicity that usually doesn't involve payment
Communications appear in news media and so it offers a legitimacy that advertising doesn't
PR is used to build rapport w/ thee various publics a company, person or organization may have
Internal Publics: The publics with w/ an organization communicates regularly; can include employees,
distributors, suppliers, shareholders and customers
External Publics: Those publics that are distant from an organization and are communicated w/ less frequently
Media, government, prospective shareholders, the financial community & community orgs.
The goal of PR is to communicate in a way that an organization builds an open, honest, and constructive
relationship w/ its various publics
PR communicates are NOT controlled by the organization
The Role of Public Relations
As a management function, PR will help an org. anticipate and interpret public opinion that will have
impact on its actions
PR will provide the means to plan & implement communication strategies that are in the best interest of the
For marketing, good PR will help w/ the launch of new products & create awareness
Generally 6 Key categories PR falls into…
Corporate Communications
A good PR plan strives to maximize communications in an unpaid manner, but there are times when paid
communication is necessary
Corporate Advertising: Advertising designed to convey a favorable image of the company among its various
Can do this by showing how the resources of the org. resolve consumer problems, by promoting
goodwill, or by demonstrating CSR
A company can also be active in area of issue management
In these cases a company delivers a message to public so they know where they stand on certain
important/popular issue
Reputation Management
PR plays vital role when a company finds itself in a crisis b/c the final outcome usually depends on how
effectively an org. manages its communications during crisis
When facing crisis, acting quickly and decisively is the approach recommended
Objective is to reassure public that everything possible is being done to correct the situation
Product Publicity
Publicity: News about an organization, product, service or person that appears in the media
Basically publicity is something that a company & the media deem to be newsworthy
PR and publicity are different but publicity is one aspect of PR
One major opportunity for a product or company to generate positive publicity is during a new product
When PR & other forms of communication are combined, the impact on the customer is greater
Product Placement, Product Seeding & Branded Content
Product Placement: The visible placement of brand name products in TV shows, movies, radio, video games,
and other programming
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