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Chapter 1

Business Model Generation Chapter 1 and 2 Summary

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MGMT 1000
Trent Tucker

Business Model Generation September-01-13 1:53 PM Chapter 1 - CANVAS A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. 9 Building Blocks: 1. Customer Segments a. Defines the different groups of people or organizations an enterprise aims to reach and serve. 2. Value Propositions a. Describes the bundle of products and services that create value for a specific customer segment. 3. Channels a. Describes how a company communicates with and reaches its customer segments to deliver a value proposition. 4. Customer Relationships a. Describes the types of relationships s company establishes with specific customer segments. 5. Revenue Streams a. Represents the cash a company generates from each customer segment. 6. Key Resources
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