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Chapter 2

MGMT 3020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Swot Analysis

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MGMT 3020
Ruben Burga

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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Chapter 2
Strategy + CSR: Stakeholder Perspective
oNot only what the firm does but how they do it
oVision  what the firm seeks to do and become
oMust consider multiple stakeholders
Customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, society…
oGenuine intent
oEx. End world hunger
oMission  what firm does to attain the vision
oEx. Feed the poor
oStrategy  how firm plans to achieve mission and vision
oEx. Partnering with government agency to enhance food distribution…
oTactics  day-to-day operations that implement the strategy
oWhat to do and what not to do
oSWOT analysis  Strengths & Weaknesses (internal) + Opportunities & Threats
oThe resources perspective: internal view that firm identifies unique resources (i.e.
has access to raw materials…) and capabilities (i.e. effective research…)
oThe industry perspective: external view that focuses on the organizational
structure of the environment that it operates in
oDetermines competitive advantage
oPorter’s Five competitive forces:
Industry rivalry is effected by:
Power of suppliers
Threat of substitutes
Power of buyers
Threat of new entrants
Limitations to industry perspective:
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