Immunology Chp18 Immune Response To Infectious Disease

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Published on 22 Nov 2011
University of Guelph
MICR 3230
Immune Response to Infectious Disease (Chapter 18) Summary
- innate immune responses for initial defence against pathogens
- physical barriers non-specific production of complement components,
phagocytic cells, certain cytokines in response to infection
- immune response to viral infections involves humoral and CMI
- virus mutate rapidly and thus evade humoral immune response
- response to extracellular bacterial infections generally mediated by antibody
- antibody can activate complement-mediated lysis of bacterium, neutralize toxins
and serve as an opsonin to increase phagocytosis
- host defence against intracellular bacteria depends largely on CD4 T cell
mediated responses
AIDS & Other Immunodeficiences (Chapter 20) Summary
- immunodeficiency from failure of one or more components of immune system
- primary immunodeficiency present from birth
- secondary (acquired) from a variety of causes
- classified by cell types involved and may affect lymphoid or myeloid cell lineage
(or both)
- affect T, B cells or NK cells or all
- failure of thymic development results in severe immunodeficiency and can affect
normal B cell development
- severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) always involves T cell dysfunction
- secondary immunodeficiency from injury/infection HIV/AIDS caused by a
retrovirus HIV-1
- HIV-1 spread by sexual contact, contaminated blood, HIV infected mother to
- Results in severe impairment of immune function marked by CD4 T cell depletion
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