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Chp 14 Cell-Mediated Cytotoxic Responses

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MICR 3230
Azad Kaushik

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CellMediated Cytotoxic Responses Chapter 14 Summaryeffector cells easily activated high levels of adhesion molecules different trafficking patterns produce both soluble and membrane effector moleculesfirst phase of CTLmediated immune response involves activationdifferentiation of Tc cells called CTL precursors CTLPssecond phase of CTLmediated response involves TCRMHC recognition of target cells formation of CTLtarget cell conjugates repositioning of cytoplasmic granules toward target cell granule release formation of perforin pores in targetcell membrane dissociation of CTL from target cell deathCTLs induce death via perforingranzyme pathway and FasFasL pathwayNonspecific cytotoxic cells NK cells n
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