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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Introductory Marketing Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Douglas Adlam

Chapter 12 Marketing Integrated marketing communications IMCThe Elements of Marketing Communications A companys total promotion mixmarketing communications mix has 5 major promotional toolsAdvertising Any paid for of nonpersonal presentationpromotion of ideas goods or services in the mass media by an identified sponsorposters billboards Sales Promotion Shortterm incentives usually presented at the point of purchase designed to encourage the immediate purchase of a product or servicepointofpurchase displaysPersonal Selling Personal presentation by the firms sales reps for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships trade showsDirect Response Marketing Direct communications w carefully targeted customers to obtain an immediate responsecataloguesPublic Relations Building good relations w the companys various publics by obtaining favorable publicity building good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors stories and eventspress releasesevents Each element of the marketing communications mix requires its own delivery medium that is a method or vehicle through which the members of the target market can receive the communication The companys entire marketing mix 4 Ps must be coordinated bc they also send a messageImplementing Integrated Marketing Communications2 major factors are changing marketing communications 1 As mass marketers have fragmented marketers are fining they must develop more focusedtargeted marketing communications to reach customers in more narrowly defined market segments 2 Marketers are no longer limited to onetomany massmarketing communications since such technologies as database management software websites emailtext messaging allow marketers to interact w the market and provide onetoone personalized communications messages Market fragmentation ahs lead to media fragmentation more focused media that better match todays targeting strategiesEg Thousands of specialized channels Egfood for advertisers to pinpoint audience for their ads Consumers dont distinguish among message sources the way marketers do Its not uncommon to see advertisements that say one thing a price promotion that sends a diff signaland a product label that creates another message Today many companies are appointing a director of marketing communications who ahs overall responsibility for the companys communications efforts These organizations are adopting concept of integrated marketing communications under which the company integratescoordinates its many communications channelsMarketing Communications Agencies A company that works on behalf of a client organization or business to create produce and implement advertisingother promotions In smallmedium sized companies all forms of marketing communications are handled internally by companies marketing department Most large companies retain 1 or more agencies to producedeliver their communications programsThe IMC Process st 1 step is to audit all the potential contact members of the target market have with the companyits brands word of mouth television ads newspapermagazine ads website searchThe concept of Integrated marketing communications suggests that the company must blend all the elements into a coordinated mixMarketing Communications Strategy can be either push or pull strategyPush StrategyA promotion strategy that calls for using the sales force and traderetailers bars restaurants etc promotion to push the product through channelsPull Strategy A promotion strategy that calls for using advertisingconsumer promotion to build consumer demand If effective the consumers will then demand the product from channel members who with demand it from producers
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