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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Introductory Marketing Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Douglas Adlam

Chapter 18 Marketing Promoting ServicesEducating CustomersThe Role of Marketing Communications Communication is more than just advertising public relations and professional salespeople Define marketing communication element of the 7Psas PromotionEducation Marketers explainpromote the value proposition company is offering through communicationPositionDifferentiate the Service Communication efforts serve to attract new users and also maintain contact w existing customersbuild relationshipsHelp Customers to Evaluate Service OfferingsHighlight Differences that Matter Companies may use concrete clues to communicate service performance Eg Quality of equipmentfacilitiesPromote the Contribution of Service PersonnelBackstage OperationsIn highcontact services front line source are main source of delivery Advertising brochures and websites can show what goes on backstage to ensure good service delivery Eg Starbucks website shows how beans are cultivated harvested and produced on their websiteAdd Value through Communication Content Infoconsultation are important ways to add value to a product Potential customers might need infoadvice about kinds of services available to themFacilitate Customer Involvement in Production When customers are actively involved in service production they need training to help them perform well Video is good medium where viewers see the sequence of events Eg dentists show patients surgical procedures on video Marketers can use sales promotions as incentives discountsStimulate or Dampen Demand to Match Capacity Low demand outside peak periods is a serious problem for service industries w high fixed costs Eg hotels Can run promotions that offer extra value such as room upgrade free breakfast etcChallenges of Service Communications Since services are performances rather than o
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