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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Introductory Marketing Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Douglas Adlam

Chapter 19 Marketing DesigningManaging Service ProcessesFlowcharting Service Delivery Flowchart A visual representation of the steps involved in delivering service to customers Allows us to see the way customer involvement is different for each of the 4 categories of services people possession metal stimulus and information processingBlueprinting Services to Create Valued ExperiencesProductive Operations Blueprinting A visual map of the sequence of activities required for service delivery that specifies front stage and backstage elementsthe linkages between them Specifies in more detail than flowcharting how a service process should be constructedDeveloping a BlueprintShould identify all key activities involved in creatingdelivering the service Specify linkages between the activities Eg Big pictureboarding airplane Small pictureswaiting for seat to be called stand in line etcAdvantages of BlueprintingBlueprinting differentiates what customers experience front stage and the activities of employees backstage Between lies the line of visibility Blueprints show how customersemployees interacthow these are supported by backstage operations Highlights possible fail points A point in the process at which there is a significant risk of problems that can damage service quality Allows different groups of people in the company to participate in the service improvement processBlueprinting the Restaurant Experience A ThreeAct PerformanceReading from left to right the blueprint shows the sequence of actions over time 3 Acts that represents activities that take place before the core product is encountered activities that followdelivery of the core productAct 1 Introductory Scenes Each stage in this act involves interaction w an employee either phone or face Eg Restaurant 1 Make reservation 2Valet parks car 3 Check coats 4Served drinks 5 Seated at table Customer will come in contact w usually 5 or more contact personnel Belo
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