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Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Introductory Marketing Notes

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Douglas Adlam

Chapter 21 Marketing Managing People for Service AdvantageService Employees Are Extremely Important Service Personnel help to maintain the firms positioning A Core part of the product Service employees deliver the service and affect service quality greatly The service firm Frontline employees rep the service firmfrom customersThe Brand Frontline employeesservice are often a core part of the brand Service personnel are a source of customer loyalty Frontline employees see what customers need deliver the servicebuild personal relationships w customersThe Frontline in LowContact Services A growingof transactions no longer even involve frontline staffTherefore increase inof customer contact employees work by TV emailFrontline Work is DifficultStressfulServiceProfit Chain A strategic framework that links employee satisfaction to performance on service attributes to customer satisfaction than to customer relationfinally to profitsBoundary Spanning Boundary Spanners link the inside of an organization to the outside world Frontline employees often experience role conflict as a consequence role stressSources of Conflict 3 main causesOrganizationClient Conflict Customer Contact Personnel must attend to both operationalmarketing goals Expected to delight customers takes time but be fastefficient conflict might arise if customers requests services extras or exceptionsPersonRole Conflict Service staff have conflict between their job requirementsown personalitiesbeliefs When jobs force them to behave differently from what the prefer they feel stressedInterclient Conflict may result from such behaviours as smoking in nonsmoking areas jumping place in line speaking on cell phone in cinema being rude in restaurant etc Unpleasant task for employees to tell customers to behaveEmotional Labor expressing socially appro
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