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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
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MCS 1000
Saba Safdar

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Marketing MCS 1000 Chapter 13 notes The contribution of the services sector is good for the Gross Domestic Product GDP Figure 131 page 296The worlds most service dominated economy is the Cayman Islands Figure 132 page297Since the service sector a lot in the industrial services professional and business services education and health care is growing so rapidly around the world the demand for jobs in the service sector is growing and is a demand and sometime even requires education and further knowledge sometimesGovernment policies social change business trade advances in information technology and globalization all effect the growth of the service sector Figure 133 298Table 131 page 299300 for examplesServices offer benefits without ownership So you are obtaining benefits of a service like doctors and renting hotels and such without owning it Its a temporary right to use an object hire the labour and expertise of personnel or obtain access to facilities and networks There are five main categories in which services are identified and separated into1Rented goods services is the rental of goods that allows customers to temporarily own a physical object that they would prefer not to own such as a boat fancy dress costumes or construction and excavation equipment 2Defined space and place rentals is when customers use a certain porti
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