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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Business in a changing world notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2000
Lianne Foti

Chapter 3 Marketing SummaryCommunicating Across CulturesRecognizing The Increasing Importance of Intercultural Communication Learning more about the effects culture has on behaviour will help reduce frictionmisunderstandings when dealing with people from other culturesGlobalization of Markets Many companies Eg Walmart are increasingly looking overseas as domestic markets mature Passage of favorable trade agreements encourages globalization Parts of the world that before were considered underdeveloped now possess vigorous middle classes These middleclassers seek everything from TVs to cola Development of new information technology and better transportation Technological Advancements New transportation and information technologies are major contributors of out global interconnectivity Internetweb change the way we live do business and communicateIntercultural Workforce Lured by the prospects of peace prosperity education or a fresh start people from different cultures are moving to countries promising to fulfill their dreamsIncrease in immigration means foreignborn persons are an evergrowing portion of the total Canadian populationUnderstanding Culture Culture may be defined as the complex system of values traits moralscustoms shared by a society Culture teaches people how to behaveconditions reactionsCharacteristics of Culture Culture is shaped by attitudes learned in childhood and later internalized in adulthoodCulture is Learned Rules valuesattitudes of a culture are not natural but are learned and passed down by generations beforeCultures are Inherently
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