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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Business in a changing world notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2000
Lianne Foti

Chapter 4 MarketingWriting Process Phase 1 Analyze Anticipate AdaptApproaching the Writing Process SystematicallyBusiness Writing Basics Business writers should write messagesoral presentations that are Purposeful Writing to solve problems or convey infoPersuasive Audience should believe and accept messageEconomical Present ideas clearly but conciselyReader Oriented Concentrate on looking at problem from readers perspective instead of own To the point messages are best in businessThe 3x3 Writing ProcessTime spent on each phase varies with the deadline purposeaudience for the messageStep 1 Prewriting First phase involves analyzing anticipatingadaptingStep 2 WritingSecond phase involves researching organizing and composing the messageStep 3 RevisingThird phase of writing process involves revising proofreadingevaluating the letterAdapting and Altering the Writing ProcessScheduling the process 25 on phase 1Prewriting25 on phase 2Writing45 on Phase 3Revising5 on proofreading Although good writers proceed through each stage of the process some steps can be compressed for short routine messages Recursive Nature of the Process Most business writing isnt rigid and wont always follow linear process Some people edit as they go or get new ideas to write at the endrecursiveWriting in Teams Collaboration on teamwritten documents is necessary for projects that are big have short deadlines or require consensus of many people Teamwritten documentspresentations are usually better because many heads is better than 1 Working to
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