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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Managerial Accounting Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
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MCS 2000
Lianne Foti

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Chapter 7 Business communications NotesApplying the writing process to Email MessagesMemos Common function of email is to exchange messages within organizations Wellwritten documents are likely to achieve their goals Wellwritten messages enhance your image in the organizationPhase 1 Analysis AnticipationAdaptation Ask yourself questions such as Do I really need to write this emailmemo or Should I send an email or a hardcopy memo and How will the reader reactPhase 2 Research OrganizationComposition Jot down points then summarize into paragraphs Important not to have a long ass messageget to pointPhase 3 Revision ProofreadingEvaluationPut final touches on your message Make sure your ideas are clear Make sure punctuation is correct and sentences are complete and properMake it easy for receiver to respond so you get feedbackStructuringFormatting Email messagesMemosThe 4 parts of EMail messagesMemosSubject Line The subject line is mandatory and should provide quick identification of the central idea Doesnt need to be complete sentence or end in periodOpening stFrontloadingreveal the main idea immediately within the 1 sentenceBody Provides more info about the reason for writing Limiting the amount of topics in the email helps the reader act on the subjectfile it accordingly Graphic devices such as bullets columns headingswhite space make the main points easier to comprehendClosing General
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