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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Business in a changing world notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2000
Lianne Foti

Chapter 11 MarketingBusiness Report BasicsUnderstanding Report Basics In low context cultures our valuesattitudes seem to prompt us to write reports We analyze problems gather and study factsassess the alternatives When we must persuade a client that our service can add value we generally write a report outlining our case Business solutions are unthinkable without a thorough examination of the problems tat prompted them All business reports have common purpose To answer questions and solve problemsFunctionsMost reports are either of 2 types Informational Report Reports that present data without analysis or recommendationsWriters will collect and organize facts but dont analyze the facts for the reader Eg Trip report about employees visit or a trade show Eg Reports involving routine operations compliance w regulationscompany proceduresAnalytical Reports Reports that provide data analyses and conclusions May intend to persuade readers to act or change their beliefs May end in recommendationOrganizational Patterns May be organized directly or indirectlyDirect Pattern When purpose for writing is presented close to the beginning Informational reports are usually arranged this way open with intro followed by factssummary Analytical reports may also be organized this way especially when readers are familiar with the topic Unless readers are familiar with the topic direct pattern may be confusingIndirect Pattern When conclusions and recommendations if requested appear at the end of the report Usually b
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