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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Marketing Info Management Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
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MCS 2020

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Chapter 4 Marketing Information Management Information Fluencies41 InformationTechnologyWhen we cross information and technology we get communicationWe pursued advances in technology because it improved our ability to send messages to eachotherSome inventions make previous technology obsolete Eg TypewriterCommunication leads to info sharing and info sharing leads to shared meaning and shared meaning leads to identity forming IN OTHER WORDS COMMUNICATION IS AT THE CORE OF OUR IDENTITY Its how we learn about others our communities and ourselves 42 LiteracyCompetencyTo become fluent in this new digital language we must improve both our info literacy and our technological competencyDeveloping technological competency includes skillbased improvements like learning to use a software program or administering a LAN lineTechnological competency is more than having knowledge of hardwaresoftware it also describes a broader understanding of the application of technologyInfo literacy describes the ability to recognize when info is needed and have ability to locate evaluate and use effectively the needed infoWe must understand the nature of info needed must design an appropriate research strategy and being collecting info must evaluate the info we find organize it to that it is useful must apply the info to achieve our defined purposeThe Info age is about more than simply understanding info its about understanding how to navigate info 43 Knowledge CreationKnowing how to find info and understanding how to navigate those info environments are important skills in the information ageUnlike Data knowledge isnt automatically generated or c
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