Chapter Summary 16

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

Chapter 16A service product consists of two components the core product and supplementary services The core product is based on the core set of benefits and solutions delivered to customersSurrounding the core product is a variety of servicerelated activities called supplementary services these services often play an important role in differentiating and positioning the core product against competing servicesDesigning a Service Product The value proposition needs to combine three components 1 core product 2 supplementary services 3 delivery processes used to deliver the core product and supplementary servicesThe design of the service offering must address the following issueshow the different service components are delivered to the customerthe nature of the customers role in those processeshow long delivery laststhe recommended level and style of service to be offeredComponents of a service offeringNature of the processCustomers role what are customers expected to do What will the service do for the customersScheduling how long the service is supplied foreService Levelis a visual framework for understanding supplementary The Flower of Serviceservice elements that surround and add value to the product core Fig 162There are two kinds of supplementary servicesFacilitating Supplementary Services are needed for service delivery or help in the use of the core product Enhancing Supplementary Services add extra value for the customer Enhancing Services Facilitating ServicesInformationConsultation OrdertakingHospitality Billing Safekeeping PaymentExceptions
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