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Chapter 7

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 7 Marketing Information Management Information Ethics71 ETHICS FOR THE INFO AGEEthics is the philosophical investigation of right and wrong branch of philosophy that examines the nature of moral virtue and evaluates human actionsSome ethical system are deeply rooted in cultural traditions and religious ideologiesWe expect the law to guide our actions but reality is that the law usually lags behind the rest of society Making good ethical decisions requires the ability to recognize principles and extrapolate beyond whats known Computer Ethicsis the analysis of the nature and social impact of computer technology and the corresponding formulationjustification of policies for the ethical use of technology Might broaden this to include info technology and info systemsIn the info age work becomes less about doing physical labor and more about instructing computers to do work for usSince we can instruct computers to commit acts on our behalf we are able to distance ourselves from the consequences of our actions 72 CONSEQUENCEBASED REASONINGOne way to approach ethical dilemmas is to focus on the consequences of decisionsTake what you know about situation identify your options predict what will happen for each option an then choose option with more desirable outcomeDuring the European Enlightenment philosophers introduced new ideas like social contract Rather than submit to nature or to a divine power these thinkers asserted the independence of humankind Recognized that all humans are free thinkers and civilized society needed a social contract to functionIn this social contract the people feely gave up some of their rights to an authority government in exchange for protection and provisionBenthan proposed a consequencebased system called the teleological approachSaid 2 forces motivated human behaviour pleasure and pain Not just motivators but primary standards for evaluating righ
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