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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Marketing Information Management Notes

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 9 Marketing Information Management Security91 SurveillanceFor many people privacy is linked to securityIf we have too much privacy cant tell good guys from badIf we have too much security grants too much power to the stateour privacy disappearsYou cant have privacy without securityvice versaSurveillance activities have a motive purpose they occur during the normal course of life routine they are planned systematic and detailoriented focusedwith each act of surveillance there is a chance we will become desensitized to the privacy implicationsWe need to guard against authoritarian Big Brother approaches to surveillance and we shouldbe equally concerned with the Little brothers we encounter daily92 The Hacker EthicInternet security isa big concern in the information ageWhen the designers of the internet chose a decentralized design to make the network more efficient and ease the burden of info sharing this also meant that if the network crashed messages could still reach their destinations Since no one was there to oversee the design there are security loopholes and risks As info structure evolved so did motives behind hackers went from using skills to learn morefulfilling selfish interests w their skillsSome used skills for pranks others used it for illegal activities and to benefit financiallyHacks fall into 2 categories White Hats the good guys When it comes to computers they are experts who test info systems to ensure that theyre secure They help companies identify system vulnerabilities before hackers with more malicious intentions find them Black Hats attack info system with the intent of committing a crime They do everything from unauthorized system intrusions to outright data theft and spam proliferation to virus creation
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