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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Marketing Info Management

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 12 Marketing Information ManagementParticipation121 The Social WebThe Internet isnt fixed it is constantly shifting evolving and adapting to everything we throw at itObservers state were unknowingly in the middle of another fundamental internet shiftMillions of people are publishing their thoughts on blogs people contributing to Wikipedia and people are connecting through social mediaIn the past weve used the Internet to find information now we are allowed and often do participate in the information moved from one way downloading to 2 way downloadinguploading infoInternet has evolved from just way to communicate asynchronously not in real time to letting us participate in communities in an open dialogue The current internet also changes the nature of community In the past we used it as a broadcast when we needed to get message out to number of people but now we can communicate to individual heterogeneous communitiesFor some this new web 20 has been victim of excessive hype bc businesses use web 20 as a marketing buzzword in an attempt to turn a quick profit on the next best thing or web developers use web 20 to attract more attention to their latest applicationsWeb 20 isnt really something new its the fulfillment of the original ideals of he internet122 ProductionDistribution New era of information production is made possible because of 1 access to technology 2 access to info3 access to modes of distributionIn the developed world we have the tools we need to participate in info and cultural production and those tools are almost universally distributed within societyThe flexibility of the internets architecture organizational models and social dynamics provide a platform for modular production and widespread distribution No SINGLE
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