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Chapter 10

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 10 Marketing Information Management Property101 IdeasOwnershipIntellectual Property basically falls into one of 4 categories copyright trademark patent or trade secret CopyrightCopyright protects the expression of an idea not the idea itselfRelatively easy to attain bc it exists the moment an idea is fixed in tangible form and it doesnt have to be registered w governing authorityOnly requirement is that the expression of your idea needs to be originalCreators are granted exclusive rights to their work and they can determine when it can be usedOnce copyright expires the work becomes part of public domain Anyone can use itSometimes creators surrender their copyright to the publisher or distributor of their work Can allow them to reach bigger audienceTrademarksTrademarks tell you where a good or service comes from by pointing to the original owner of a brand name or productTrademarks are not limited in term unlike copyrights and patents as long as companies continue operating their trademark will remain part of their intellectual property portfolio PatentsPatent law protects unique processes or products for a limited amount of timePatents require an extensive application and examination process through a regulating body governmentWhen applying for patent protection the creator must adequately demonstrate to patent examiners that the idea is nonobvious and originalSuccessful applicationlegal protection Trade SecretsArent always considered a form of intellectual propertySince giving away sensitive info may harm
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