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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Marketing Information Management Notes.docx

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 11 Marketing Information Management Notes Accessibility111 Democratization of InformationInternet often described as the most democratic medium ever invented bc its a tool for both hearing and being heard designed as a place for communication and eventually fully interactive communicationAt the core of any democratic system are 2 basic principles people should have equal access to power anda voice in shaping the direction of that power voting and citizens should be granted universal freedoms and liberties Internet provides equal access to everyone and grants basic freedoms to its usersdemocraticInternet also makes less explicit forms of opinion sharing or voting possible Democracy is criticized for its lack of stability and focused on shortterm goals while corporations and governments attempt to control segments of the internet no single organization dominates entire network so most users enjoy a stable and consistent information experience112 Censorship Vs Free SpeechIn the info age freedom of speech extends protection even further Citizens are also granted the right to seek ideas right to receive ideas and the right to distribute those ideas Democratic societies need to protect freedom of speech in order to function without assured protection people will censor themselves out of fear of getting in trouble for speaking their mindsCensorship refers to the suppression of ideas that are usually stifled through political legal or religious methodsMust balance censorship and freedom of speechInfo age also adds the challenge of enforcement Enforcing censorship is increasingly tough in an era without bordersBasic concern with censorship is that the individuals groups or organizations responsible for censoring info are essentially imposing their views on everyone else They are prejudging materials and making value judgements on behalf o
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