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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 1 – Consumer Behaviour: Meeting Changes and Challenges Consumer behaviour- behaviour that consumers display in searching, purchasing, using, evaluating, & disposing of products/services that they expect satisfy their needs -interdisciplinary (based on concepts/theories about people that have been developed by scientists in diverse disciplines (psychology, sociology, social psychology, cultural anthropology, & economics)) -focuses on how individuals (families/householddecide to spend available resources (time, money, effort)on consumption-related items (what/why/when/where/how often they buy/use/dispose of items) Personal consumer- products bought for final use by individuals (end users) Organizational consumer- includes profit and not-for-profit businesses, government agencies institutions, who consume products to run their organization Production orientation – focus on perfecting production capabilities of the company; to expand production and make more products (demand higher than supply) Sales orientation- focus on selling more (reached a point where supply greater than demand) Marketing orientation – realization that business should focus on consumer needs and preferences Marketing concept- companies must determine the needs and wants of specific target markets and deliver the desired satisfactions better than the competition Societal marketing concept – consumers may on occasion respond to immediate needs or wants, while overlooking their long-run best interest or the best interest of their family and neighbours Consumer research – methodology (process and tool
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