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Chapter 7

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 7: Consumer Learning Learning – process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience that they apply to future related behavior Elements of Consumer Learning: 1. Motivation – unfilled needs that lead to motivation 2. Cues- stimuli that direct motives 3. Response- consumer reaction to a drive or cue 4. Reinforcement- increases the likelihood that a response will occur in the future as a result of a cue Behavioral Learning -based on observable behaviours (responses) that occur as result of exposure to stimuli Classical Conditioning -stimulus is paired with another stimulus that elicits a known response that serves to produce the same response when used alone Example: Pavlov’s Dog Unconditioned stimulus (meat paste) + conditioned stimulus (bell) = unconditioned response (salvation) After pairings….conditioned stimulus (bell) = conditioned response (salvation) Repetition- increases association between conditioned and unconditioned stimulus; slows the pace of forgetting, (advertising wear out could occur) Stimulus generalization- having the same response to slightly different stimuli, helps “me-too” products to succeed (useful in product extensions, family branding, licensing) Example. No name pills containers designed to mimic brand name products Stimulus discrimination- selection of specific stimulus from similar stimuli; bases of positioning which looks for unique ways to fill needs Example: ridiculously thick yogurt Instrumental (operant) conditioning -based on trial and error process, with habits forced as the result of positive experiences (reinforcement) resulting from certain responses or behaviours Reinforcement of Behaviour: positive reinforcement-strengthens likelihood extinction- learned response is no longer reinforced, negative reinforcement-encourages behaviour link is eliminated between stimulus and reward forgetting-reinforcement is forgotten Strategic Applications of Instrumental Conditioning Relationship marketing-develop close personalized relationship with customers-(non-product reinforcement)
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