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Chapter 16

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 16 Societal marketing concept- marketers should endeavor to satisfy the needs and wants of their target markets in ways that preserve and enhance the well-being of consumers and society as a whole, while fulfilling the objectives of the organization Exploitative Targeting: -marketing to children -guidelines by Children’s advertising review unit (CARU): -no misleading claims about products performance or benefits -must not exploits children’s imagination -cannot create unrealistic expectations -products must be shown in safe situation -no encouragement of inappropriate behaviour -overaggressive promotion – recession due in part to Americans rising credit and easy credit to risky groups -selling pharmaceuticals directly to consumers –began in 1997 (tv, print, internet) -the perils of precision targeting Perils of Precision Targeting: -narrowcasting- directed messages to small audience, data provider’s support the marketers with information -GPS-smart phones and cars, gives marketers location Manipulating Customers: -forced exposure to advertising -product placement -advertorials -infomercials -tinkering with consumers perceptions -in
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