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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Nicole Mc Callum

Chapter 5- Personality and Consumer Behavior - personality can be defined as those inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to his or her environment - is a useful concept because it enables us to categorize consumers into different groups on the basis of one or even several traits - although marketers cannot change consumers’ personalities to conform to their products, if they know which personality characteristics influence specific consumer responses, they can attempt to appeal to the relevant traits inherent in their target group - personality changes not only in response to abrupt events but also in part of a gradual maturing process - psychoanalytic theory of personality was build on premise of unconsciouis needs or drives, especially sexual and other biological drives, are at the heart of human motivation and personality o 3 interacting systems- id ego superego o id was impulsive drives- thirty hunger sex etc o superego- moral and ethical codes of conduct o ego is conscious control- balance of id and superego o freud believed personality is formed as person passes through distinct stages of infant and childhood development- oral anal phallic latent and genital - non-freudians believed social relationships are fundamental to the formation and development of personality - adler- style of life- placed emphasis on individuals efforts to overcome feelings of inferiority - horney- anxiety- 3 personality groups: compliant, aggressive, detached trait theory - any distinguishing relatively enduring way in which one individual differs from another - single-trait personality tests are often developed specifically for use in consumer behavior studies consumer innovators- those who are open to new ideas and to be among the first to try new products, services, or practices 1. global innovativeness- personality trait that exists independent of any context 2. domain- specific innovativeness- narrowly defined activity within a specific domain or product category 3. innovative behavior- pattern of actions or responses that indicate early acceptance of change and adoption of innovations consumer dogmatism- personality traits tht measures the degree of rigidity that individuals display toward the unfamiliar and toward information that is contraty to their own established beliefs high dogmatic= defensive, low= will readily consider other stuff social character- ranges on a continuum form inner-directedness to other- directedness optimum stimulation levels- linked with greater willingness to take rishes, try new products, be innovative, seek purchase-related information, to accept new retail facilities than low OSLs Sensation seeking- trait characterized by need for varied, novel, and complex sensations and experience, and the willingness to take physical and social risks for the sake of such experience Variety or novelty seeking- exploratory purchase behavior, vicarious exploration, use innovativeness - consumers with high variety seeking scores more likely to be attracted to brands that claim to have novel features or multiple uses or applications need for cognition - consumer high in NFC are more likely to be responsive to the part of an ad that is rich in product-related information or descriptions; whereas consumers who are relatively low in NFC are more likely to be attractd to the background or peripheral aspect of an ad, such as an attractive model or well-known celebrity - cognitive personality research classified consumers into 2 groups o visualizers or verbalizers o pbject visualizers encode and process images as a single perceptual unit which spetial visualizers process images piece by piece materialism as a trait distinguishes between individuals who regard possessions as essential to their identities and their lives and t
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