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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 4 Consumer behaviour Consumer MotivationSavvy companies define their business in terms of the customer needs they satisfy rather than the products they produce 0RWLYDWLRQDVD3VFKRORJLFDORUFH Motivation The driving force within individuals that impels them into action Produced by a state of tension which results from unfulfilled needsGoals consumers wish to achieve and the course of action hey take to do so depends on their personality characteristics perceptions previous learning experiences and attitudes Needs Innate Needs Primary Needs physiological needed to sustain life Needs for water food clothing shelter etcAcquired Needs secondary Needs needs we learn in response to our culture or environment Needs may include selfesteem prestige affection power etcNeeds an be positive or negative n direction having a driving force towards or away from some objectcondition GoalsThe soughtafter result of a behaviourCan have generic goal Eg Going to university or product specific goal Eg Going to Harvard UniversityMarketers are generally more concerned with productspecific goalsFor any need there are many different and appropriate goalsApproach Object Positive GoalA goal in which behaviour is directedAvoidance Object Negative Goal One in which behaviour is directed awayGoals and needs are interdependentneither exists without the other But people arent as aware of their needs as their goalsPeople are more aware of their physiological needs more then their psychological needs Most people know they are hunger or thirsty but may not be consciously aware
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