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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Consumer Behaviour Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 6 Consumer Studies Notes Consumer Perception Through advertising marketers can createshape consumers perceptions for their products by positioning their offerings as fulfilling customer needs and delivering important benefits more effectively than competing alternatives Not changing product but changing the consumers view of the productThe hardest products to position or differentiate are commodities which are largely the same which few physical differences among alternatives Eg waterUse packaging price perk vitamins flavored etc to differentiate 6HQVRUQDPLFVRI3HUFHSWLRQ Perception the process by which an individual selects organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world how we see the world around us Sensation Sensation The immediatedirect response of the sensory organs to stimuliDepends on energy change within the environment the perception occurs Eg bland unchanging environment provides little or no sensation at allIn situations where there is a great deal of sensory input the senses dont detect small changes in inputEg Busy downtown streets people wouldnt be aware of a horn honking bc thats so commonplace Stimulus Any unit of input to any of the senses products packages advertisements etc Sensory Receptor The human organs eyes ears nose etc that receive sensory inputs All these functions come into play during purchaseSensitivity to stimuli varies with the quality of an individuals sensory receptors and the amount of intensityAs sensory input decreases our ability to detect changes in input or intensity increase The Absolute ThresholdIts the lowest level at which a person can experience a sensation The point at which a person can detect a difference between something and nothingAdaptation is the process of getting used to certain sensations Eg getting used to a hot bath Sensory Adaptation a problem that concerns many national advertisers which is why they try to change their advertising campaigns regularly Concerned viewers will get so used to their current ads that they will no longer see them The Differential Threshold Just noticeable differenceDifferential thresholdThe minimal difference that can be detected between 2 similar stimuliErnest Weber discovered notice that the jnd between 2 stimulus was an amount relative to the intensity of the st1 stimulus ndWebers Law the stronger the initial stimulus the greater the additional intensity needed for the 2 stimulus to be perceived as different Marketing Applications of the JNDManufacturersmarketers want to determine relevant jnd for their products so that 1 Negative changes reduction In quality increase in price etc are not readily visible to public 2 Product improvements larger size lower price etc are very apparent to consumersMarketers us JND to determine the amount of improvement they should make on productsLess than jnd is wasted effort because the improvement will not be perceivedMore than jnd is wasteful bc it reduces the level of repeat salesWhen it comes to price increases it should be less than the jnd bc consumers are unlikely to notice itSometimes when a products profit margin is declining marketers will decrease quantity of items in package instead of increasing price therefore increasing price per unit Subliminal Perception People an perceive stimuli without being consciously aware that they are doing so Subliminal PerceptionThe stimulus is beneath the threshold of conscious awareness though not beneath the absolute threshold of the receptors involved
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