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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Consumer Behaviour Notes

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 5 Consumer BehaviourPersonalityConsumer BehaviourKDWLV3HUVRQDOLWPersonality can be defined as those inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to hisher environment Emphasis on inner characteristics those factors that distinguish one person from another The Nature of Personality 3 Distinct properties of central importance 1 Personality Reflects Individual DifferencesNo 2 individuals are exactly alike but may be similar in terms of a single personality traitPersonality enables us to categorize consumers into different groups based on one or several traits 2 Personality is ConsistentEnduringAlthough marketers cant change consumers personalities to conform to their products if they know which personality characteristics influence specific consumer responses they can attempt to appeal to the relevant traits inherent in their target group of consumersEven though they have consistent personalities their consumption behaviours might be different 3 Personality Can ChangePersons personality can be changed by major life events or just the gradual maturing processPersonality Stereotypes can change over time 7KHRULHVRI3HUVRQDOLW 3 Major theories of personality Freudian Theory Psychoanalytic theory of personality Theory was built on the premise that unconscious needs or drives especially sexual are the heart of human motivation and personality Id Superego EgoThe Id is a warehouse of primitive and impulsive drives Basic physiological needs such as thirst hunger and sexfor which person seek out immediate satisfaction with no concern The superego is the personals internal expression of societys moral and ethical codes of conduct Its role is to see that the person satisfies needs in a socially acceptable fashionThe Ego is the persons conscious control It functions as an internal monitor that attempts to balance the impulsive demands of the Id and the sociocultural constrains of the superegoFreud says that a persons personality is formed as he or she passes through infantchildhood stages of oral anal phallic latentgenital stagesFreud says an adults personality is determined by how well heshe deals with crisis experienced in each stageResearchers who study Freuds theory believe human drives are largely unconscious and that consumers are primarily unaware of their true reasons for buying what they buy NeoFreudian Personality TheoryNeoFreudians disagree that personality is primarily instinctual and sexual in nature Believe the social relationships are fundamental to the formation of personalityHarry Stack Sullivan was concerned with peoples efforts to reduce tensions such as anxietyKaren Horney was also interested I anxiety and said people could be classified into 3 categories 1 Complaint individuals are those who move toward others want loveto be wanted 2 Aggressive individuals are those who move against others Desire to excelwin admiration 3 Detached individuals are those who move away from others Desire individualism Trait TheoryFocuses on the measurement of personality in terms of specific psychological characteristicsTrait theorists concerned with the construction of personality tests that enable them to pinpoint individual differences Selected singletrait personality tests which measure 1 trait3HUVRQDOLW8QGHUVWDQGLQJRQVXPHUHKDYLRXU Consumer Innovativeness and Related Personality TraitsThose who are open to new ideas and to be among the first to try new servicesproducts Consumer Innovators
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