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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Consumer Behaviour Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 16 Consumer Behaviour Notes Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility The Societal Marketing Concept: Requires that all marketers adhere to principles of social responsibility in the marketing of their goods and services; that is they should try to satisfy the needs and wants of their target markets in ways that preserve and enhance the well being of consumers and society as a whole while fulfilling the objectives of the organization  Advocates a long-term perspective Exploitive Targeting Marketing to Children -Advertising to children is subject to self-regulation and according to guidelines developed by the children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureau  State that product presentation or claims must not mislead children about the products performance, benefits, exploit child’s imagination or create unrealistic expectations, product should be shown in safe situations, and must refrain from encouraging inappropriate behaviour etc. - According to stimulus response theory, children can easily for associations between stimuli and outcomes so marketers should avoid ads that encourage children to pressure parents and ads that compel children to feel that ownership of a product will make them accepted by peers - CARU guidelines recognize that children don’t always understand the true purpose of loyalty building measures (kids clubs, premiums & sweepstakes) and that direct marketers should ensure loyalty programs don't exploit them. - A major concern is whether food marketers “teach” children to eat more than they should therefore increasing obesity and health problems in young children  Lawmakers have called for legislation recently regulating food advertising to children Overaggressive Promotion - Teenagers and college students are also often provided with too much easy credit, which puts them into financial difficulties for years (college loan debt has been increasing)  Many states have pass (or in process of) strict rules limiting the marketing of banks and credit card companies on college campuses and some banks have codes of conduct limiting the promotion of credit cards directed at students  Recent study says impulsiveness & materialism along with some other personality traits can predict behaviour of misuse of credit cards Selling Pharmaceuticals Directly to Consumers - Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising (permitted since 97) has increased the consumption of numerous categories of meds - B/c it has become too aggressive, pharmaceutical industry has developed voluntary restrictions regarding this marketing method The Perils of Precision Targeting - Consumer’s loss of privacy is becoming increasing ethical concern as marketers identify and reach out to increasingly smaller audiences through innovative media and more sophisticated tracking -Advertisers are increasingly adopting narrowcasting - On web marketers monitor and track consumers more closely and accurately then most people realize - Electronic visible “cookies” are the primary tool to identify consumers online  customers negative reactions toward cookies were decreased by a priori disclosure from the websites Manipulating Consumers - Marketers can use the knowledge of perception and learning to manipulate consumption behaviour Forced Exposure -Marketers are increasingly using techniques that blur the distinctions between figure and ground and make it hard for consumers to clearly distinguish advertising from entertainment content -An example is to combat fast forwarding during commercial marketers are using product placements in tv shows - Reports conclude companies are going to steadily increase expenditures o
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