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Chapter 4

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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 4 Notes Consumer Behavior Motivation as a Psychological Force to understand the types of human needs and motives and the meaning of goalsmotivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to actionthis driving force exists because of the result of an unfulfilled need Needsinnate needs are physiological biogenic they include the needs for the vital things for humans to live are also known as primary needs or motivesacquired needs psychogenic are needs that we learn in response to our culture or environment they are also known as secondary needs or motives model of the motivation process page 89 figure 42 acquired needs result from the psychological state and the relationship with othersfor example a couple needs a home to live in innatethe type of home large small in the city or in the country is not crucial acquired motives or needs can have a positive or negative direction we may feel a driving force toward some object or condition or a driving force away from some object or condition ie working out to avoid health problem negative outcome or to look more attractive positive outcomeBoth drives or motives are referred to as needs wants and desires Goals goals are the soughtafter results of motivated behavior generic goals the general class of goals that consumers see as a means to fulfill their needsproduct specific goals the specifically branded product and services that consumers select for goal fulfillment For example a student tells his parent he wants to become an entrepreneur he has stated a generic goal if he says he wants to get his MBA from Harvard business school he has expressed a product specific goalThe selection of goalsfor any given need there are many different and appropriate goalsthe individualsselected goal depends on their personal experiences physical capacity prevailing cultural norms and values and the goals accessibility For example if a women wants to get a nice tan in the sun but her dermatologist advises her to avoid direct exposure she may settle for self tanning cosmetic product The goal objective has to be socially acceptable and physically acceptableA positive goal is one toward which behavior is directed thus it is referred to as an approach object ie go to college to get an education A negative goal is one from which behavior is directed away and is referred to as an avoidance object ie go to college to avoid parents nagging that he didnt go to school
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