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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 1 Foundations 7KHDQJXDJHRI5HVHDUFK 11 A Research Vocabulary Theoretical Pertaining to a theory Social research is theoretical meaning that much of it is concerned with developing exploring or testing the theories or ideas that social researchers have about how the world operates Empirical Based on direct observations and measurements of realityMost research is a blend of these 2 terms Probabilistic Based on probabilitiesInferences made in social research have probabilities associated with themAll instruments and measurement procedures have some inaccuracyCausal Pertaining to a causeeffect relationshipA lot of social researchers are interested in looking at causeeffect relationships 11 B Types of Studies Research projects can generally be classified into 1 of 3 basic forms 1 Descriptive studies are designed primarily to document what is going on or what exists Eg Public opinion polls that seek to describe a portionof population 2 Relational studies look at relationships between 2 or more variables Compare of women vs men that vote 3 Causal studies are designed to determine whether one or more variables cause or effect one or more outcome variablesStudy if new campaign cause changed theof voters who would vote effect 11 C Time in Research Crosssectional Study A study that takes place at a single point in time Longitudinal Study A study that takes place over timeMeasure your participants on at least 2 separate occasions or at least 2 points in timeWhen you measure at different time points we often say you are measuring multiple waves of measurement There are 2 types of longitudinal designs Repeated Measures 2 or more waves of measurement over time Time Series Many waves of measurement over time at least 20 waves of measurement11 D Variables Variable Any entity that can take on different variables Eg age country gender etc Independent Variable The variable you manipulate Dependent Variable The variable affected by the independent variable Eg the outcome Attribute a specific value on a variable Eg variable gender has 2 variables malefemaleAttributes of a variable should be both exhaustivemutually exclusive Exhaustivethey should include all possible answerable responses Mutually exclusiveno respondent should be able to have 2 attributes simultaneously 11 E Types of Relationships Relationship The correspondence between 2 variables Nature of a RelationshipA correlational relationship simply says 2 things perform in a synchronized mannerEg When inflation is high unemployment also tends to be highA casual relationship is a synchronized relationship between 2 variables but we can say that one variable causes the other to occur Thirdvariable problem An unobserved variable that accounts for a correlation between 2 variables Have to be very careful when interpreting correlations
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