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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Research Methods Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 2 Research Methods NotesSampling21 EXTERNAL VALIDITY When we try to reach conclusions that extend beyond the sample in our study we say that we are generalizingExternal Validity referrers to the approximate truth of conclusions that involve generalizations The degree to which the conclusions in your study would hold for other persons in other placesat other times2 major approaches in sciences to gather evidence to support generalizations1 Sampling Model A model for generalizing in which you identify your population draw a fair sample conduct your research and then finally generalize your results to other population groups Several problems such as not knowing what part of population you want to generalize to not being able to draw fair sample and is impossible to sample across all times such as the next year2 Proximal Similarity Model A model for generalizing from your study to another context based upon the degree to which the other context is similar to your study contextGradient of SimilarityThe dimension along which your study context can be related to other potential contexts to which you might wish to generalize Can generalize with greater confidence the results of your study to other people placestimesthat are more like your study Sampling model is more traditional and widely accepted of the 2 approaches21 A Threats to External ValidityThreat to external validity Any factor that can lead you to make an incorrect generalization from the results of your study to other persons places times or settings Eg Critics could claim that results of your study were due to the unusual type of people who were in the study21 B Improving External Validity Based on sampling model you should use random selection if possible rather than a nonrandom procedure Keep study dropout rates low For proximal similarity you could do a better
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