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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Research Methods Notes

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MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 3 Research Methods Notes Measurement216758797Construct ValidityRefers to the degree to which inferences can legitimately be made from the operationalizations in your study to the theoretical constructs on which those operationalizations are based Operationalization The act of translating a construct into its manifestation Eg idea for treatment program into an actual treatment program In research you operationalize a concept you want to measure when you describe exactly howyoull measure itConstruct validity involves generalizing from your programs or measures to the concept or idea of your programs or measure 31 A Measurement Validity TypesThe validity of operationalization Nay time you operationalize you need to be concerned about how well you performed the translation 2 broad types of construct validityTranslational Validity focus on whether the operationalization is a good translation of the constructAssumes you have good detailed definition of the constructCriterion related Validity You examine whether the operationalization behaves the way it should according to some criteria based on your understanding of the construct It assumes that your operationalization should function in predictable ways in relation to other operationalizations based upon your theory of the construct Translation ValidityBoth subcategories of validity attempt to assess the degree to which you accurately translated your construct into the operationalizationFace Validity You looks at the operationalization and see whether on its face it seems like a good translation of the construct Does the way you are measuring seem to measure what you want it to Content ValidityYou check the operationalization against the relevant content domain for the construct Content domain is like a complete checklist of the traits in your constructThis approach assumes you have good detailed descriptions of the content domain CriterationRelated ValidityIn criterationrelated validity you check the performance of your operationalization against some criterationUsually will make a prediction about how the operationalization will perform on some other measure based on your theory of the constructPredictive Validity You assess the operationalizations ability to predict something it should theoretically be able to predict Eg might theorize that a measure of math ability should be able to predict how well a person will do in an engineering profession Then give engineers you measure to see if there is a high correlation Concurrent ValidityYou assess the operationalizations ability to distinguish between groups that it should theoretically be able to distinguish between Eg If youre measuring depression should have measures that could distinguish between depressed and schizophrenicConvergent Validity You examine the degree to which the operationalization is similar to converges on other operationalizations to which it theoretically should be similar Discriminant ValidityYou examine the degree to which the operationalization is not similar to diverges from other operationalizations that it theoretically should not be similar to
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