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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Research Methods Notes

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MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 4 Research Methods Notes Survey Research2167587176859 When constructing a survey instrument you must make numerous small decisions about content wording format and placement 3 main issues involved in writing a question 1 Determining Question content scope and purpose 2 Choosing the response format that you that you use for collecting info from the respondent 3 Figuring out how to word the question to get at the issue of interest 41 A Types of QuestionsCan be divided into 2 broad groups structuredunstructured Structured question types Dichotomous Response Format When a question has 2 possible responses Eg YesNo or TrueFalse etc Questions Based on Level of Measurement can classify questions in terms of the level of measurement used in the questions response formatThe number next to each response has no meaning except as a placeholder for that responseEg Put 2 for lawyer put 1 for nurse Etc Ordinal response format When you ask respondents to rank order of their preferences IntervalLevel Response FormatTraditional 15 or 17 etc rating Likert Scale Semantic Differential An interval response format where the respondent on a set of bipolar adjectives assesses an item Guttman scale Respondent checks all the items which they agree Filter or Contingency Questions Sometimes you have to ask the respondent 1 question to discover whether they are qualified or experienced enough to answer a subsequent oneDoing this requires using a filter or contingency question Eg M
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