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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Part 1

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Research Methods Chapter 4 Survey ResearchConstructing The Survey 3 primary issues in writing a question 1 Determining the question content scope and purpose 2 Choosing the response format that you use for collecting information from the respondant 3 Figuring out how to word the question to get at the issue of interestStructured Questions Dichotomous 2 possible responsesYesno truefalse agreedisagree malefemale Nominal Response format has a number beside each choice but the number has no meaning except as a placeholder for that response OrdinalRank answers in order of preferences IntervalLikertMeasured on an interval level where the size of the interval between potential response values is meaningfulSemantic differentialScaling method in which an object is assessed by the respondent on a set of bipolar adjective pairs FilterContingency questionsAsk the respondent a question to see if they are qualifiedexperienced enough for the subsequent questionsQuestion ContentIs the question necessary and usefulAre several questions neededDo respondents have needed informationDoes the question need to be more specificIs the question sufficiently generalIs the question biased or loadedWill respondents answer truthfullyResponse bracketsA response type that includes groups of answers such as between 3040 years old between 75000100000 annual income Response formatFormat used to collect the answer from the respondent Structured response formatsResponse format determined prior to administration
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