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Chapter 5

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MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 5 Research Methods Notes ScalesIndexes51 INDEXES Index A quantitative score that measures a construct of interest by applying a formula or set of rules that combine relevant data A score numerical value that reportedly measures somethingIs a composite puts different variables together Variables are put together using a rule or set of rulesUsually construct an index bc we want to measure something that none of the individual components alone does a good job of measuring51 A Some Common Indexes CPI Consumer Price IndexCollected monthly by Bureau of Labor StatsBased on 8 Major categories of spending for the typical consumer foodbeverage housing apparel transportation medical care recreation education and communication and other goodsservicesBreak down these 8 areas into 200 specific categoriesComplicated weighting scheme that takes into account things like the locationprobability that the item will be purchases is used to combine prices SES Socioeconomic Status IndexAlways involves combo of several very different types of variablesTraditionally a combo of 3 constructs income educationoccupation Income measured in dollars education might be measured in years or degrees achieved and occupation broken down into levels ofstatusNow typically referred to as Duncan socioeconomic index SEI All you need to know is occupation of person and you can look up SEI score that presumably reflects the status of the occupation as related to both educationincome 51 B Constructing an Index 1 Conceptualize the index Decide what you want the index to measureEg If you were measuring Quality of life what components would you need to include to capture t
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