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Chapter 8

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 8 Research Methods Experimental Design81 INTRODUCTION TO EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 81A Experimental DesignsInternal ValidityExperimental designs are usually considered the strongest of all designs in internal validity bc internal validity is at the center of all causal or causeeffect inferences If you are able to provide evidence for both propositions If X then YIf not X then not Y than youve in effect isolated the program from all the other potential causes of the outcomeIn the simplest type of experiment you create 2 groups that are equal to eachother One group gets the program and the other doesnt In all other respects the groups are treated the same Now if you see differences in outcomes between the 2 groups they must be due to the only thing that differs between them the program Key to success of the experiment is random assignment of people into groups81B TwoGroup Experimental DesignThe simplest form of experimental designIn design notation it has 2 linesone for each groupwith an R at the beginning of each line to indicate that the groups were randomly assigned 1 group gets treatmentsprogram the X and the other doesntA pretest isnt required for this design bc this uses random assignment and you can assume that the 2 groups are probabilistically equivalent to begin withMost interested in this design in determining whether the 2 groups are different after the program Typically you measure the groups on one or more measures the Os in notation and you compare them by testing for the differences between the means using a ttest or oneway analysis of variance ANOVA ANOVAAn analysis that estimates the difference between groups on a posttest The ANOVA could estimate the difference between a treatment and control group thus being equivalent to a ttest or can examine both main and interaction effects in a factorial designSelectionMortality Threat A threat to internal validity that arise
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