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Chapter 5

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MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 5 Research Methods Scales and IndexesIndexA quantitative score that measures a construct of interest by applying a formula or a set of rules that combines relative dataA score a numerical value that purportedly measures somethingA composite puts different variables togetherThe variables are put together using a rule or a set of rulesUsually construct an index because we want to measure something that none of the individual components alone does a good job of measuring Constructing an Index 1 CONCEPTUALIZE THE INDEX what you want it to measure 2 OPERATIONALIZE AND MEASURE THE COMPONENTS figure out how to measure what you want to measure 3 DEVELOP THE RULES FOR CALCULATING THE INDEX SCORE how to combine rules to make one index score 4 Weighted index 5 VALIDATE THE INDEX SCOREScalingBranch of measurement that involves the construction of a measure based on associating qualitative judgments about a construct with quantita
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