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Chapter 7

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 7 DESIGNInternal validityThe approx truth of inferences regarding causeeffect or causal relationshipsCriteria for causal relationships 1 Temporal precedence 2 Covariation of the cause and effect 3 No plausible alternative explanationsCausal relationshipsA cause and effect relationshipWhether X causes Y to occur Temporal precedenceOne criterion for establishing a causal relationship that holds that the cause must occur BEFORE the effect Covariation of the cause and effectA criterion for establishing a causal relationship that holds that the cause and effect must be related or covaryIf X then Y If not X then not Y Plausible alternative explanationAny other cause that can bring about an effect that is different from your hypothesized or manipulated causeUse of control group to avoid alternative causes effecti
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