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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Research Methods

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Tanya Mark

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Chapter 10 Research Methods Notes Designing Designs101 DESIGNING DESIGNS FOR RESEARCH REMEMBER the 3 conditions that must be met before you can infer a causeandeffect relationship 1 CovariationChanges in the presumed cause must be related to changes in the presumed effect 2 Temporal Precedence The presumed cause must occur prior to the presumed effect 3 No Plausible alternative explanations The presumed cause must be the only reasonable explanation for changes in the outcome measures If other factors could be responsible for changes in the outcome measures you cant be confident that the presumed causeeffect relationship is correct This term is hard to meet in social research 101 A Minimizing Threats to ValidityGood research designs minimize the plausible alternative explanations for the hypothesized causeeffect relationship 5 Ways to minimize any threats to any type of validity 1 By Argument Simply argue that the threat in question isnt reasonable Such an argument may be made before the fact or after the fact though before the fact is usually more convincingThis is often very weak than other approaches 2 By Measurement or Observation Can sometimes measure and demonstrate that either it doesnt occur at all or occurs minimally as to not be a strong alternative explanation for the causeandeffect relationship 3 By Design Major emphasis on ruling out alternative explanations by adding treatment or control groups waves of measurement and the like 4 By AnalysisStatistical analysis offers you several ways to rule out alternative explanationsEg Could study the possibility of attrition or mortality threat by conducting a 2 way factorial experimental design 5 By Preventative Action When you anticipate potential threats you can try to
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