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Chapter 9

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Chapter 9 Research Methods Notes QuasiExperimental Design Quasiexperimental Design Have several of the key features of randomized experimental designs such as prepost measurementtreatment control group comparisons by lack random assignment to a treatment group Two types to be focused on are Nonequivalent groups design NEGD and the regressiondiscontinuity design 91 THE NONEQUIVALENTGROUPS DESIGNProbably the most frequently used design in social research bc its very intuitively sensibleHas a prepost measure measure treatment group before and after treatment is givenHas a control group that doesnt get the treatment Major challenge stems from the term nonequivalent if your comparison group is really similar to the program group in all respects except for receiving the program this is a good designHow do you assure groups are equivalent 91 A The Basic DesignStructured like a pretestposttest randomized experiment but lacks random assignmentMost often use the intact groups that you think are similar to the control and treatment groupsBc its often likely the groups arent equivalent why its called nonequivalentThis design very susceptible to the internal validity threat of selection 92 THE REGRESSIONDISCONTINUITY DESIGNSeen as a useful method for determining whether a program or treatment is effectiveRD Design is a pretestposttest programcomparison group strategyParticipants are assigned to program or comparison groups solely on the basis of a cutoff score on a preprogram measureCutoff criteration implies a major advantage of RD designs they ar
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