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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3040
Joseph Radocchia

MCS*3040 Sept. 9/13 Rule of law = everyone is subject to the law; nobody is above the law (however, diplomats have diplomatic immunity – they will be tried by their own country) Substantive law Procedural law Ex. Law of contracts Ex. How one goes about getting a lawyer Something that can be violated How to deal with the violation (“rules of civil procedure”) Substantive Public law: our relationship with the government (ex. highway traffic, immigration, criminal) Private law: our relationships with each other (contract law, family law, business law) *ex: assault – (public: crime of assault) (private: law of torts; can sue for pain _ suffering) English Common Law, French Civil Law (Quebec Civil Code), and Aboriginal Law – all of these influenced Canadian law historically English Common Law Civil law – doesn’t deal with crime – in every province except Quebec (criminal law is applied the same across the nation) English Common Law: decisions made by judges over the centuries – de
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